Travel Related Charges
One serviceman will be required to complete a ballscrew repair job in one business day.
We always travel in company vehicles (no rental cars will be charged to you).
We do not travel by air due to the quantity of tools required for service of this type (you do not pay for expensive airfares).
When we service more than one customer, our policy is to split travel expenses between those customers when they are within 150 miles within each other.
Auto mileage is charged at 40 / per mile (from and back to our service office).
Man hours are charged at $26.50 / per travel hour (from and back to our service office).
Travel charges only apply when we are actually moving.
Maximum hotel charges will not exceed $100 per night (per serviceman) plus taxes.

Lodging Related Charges
Hotel charges are based upon rates for Holiday Inn / Hampton Inn standards.
Perdiem $40 per overnight stay per man.
1 Our travel policy is designed to provide repair cost control for our customers.
2 On occasion we are asked to perform other inspection, cleaning, lubrication procedures. For service that falls under this category, we charge a low service rate of only $67.50 / per man-hour (half the O.E.M. service rate).


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