Parts used in the repairs will be O.E.M. replacements or parts certified better than original equipment.
The balls that are generally specified by OEMs are grade 25 specifying wire heading to basic shape and size prior to rill / polish. The tolerances are A.F.B.M.A. (0.000025") sphericity and (0.0001") of specified size. We prefer to use vacuum furnace 52100 steel forged balls A.F.B.M.A. grade 10 (0.000010") sphericity balls, optical quality polishes to (0.0000050". They run very quiet, last longer and are easier on the ball screw and nut. We stock all metric sizes and oversized fit balls in increments of .0001 inches over.
We measure and select the replacement balls individually and install them in matched sets. This is the best way to ensure a quiet and accurate running assembly.
Ballscrew and bearings will be from Nachi America Inc. They will be heavy-duty precision types and will be charged in addition to the ballscrew work.


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